Catrina Kidd

Builder, Texas Flip N Move

A successful entrepreneur and longtime do-it-yourselfer Catrina Kidd has a strong history of spectacular remodels. Catrina previously helped out as a contractor for the Snow Sisters and has now teamed up with Casey Hester, where her spunk complements his honest grit. When she’s not swinging a hammer, Catrina enjoys date nights with her husband and lake days with her children.

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Carrying Out The Legacy

Had Girls Weekend out at the ranch and one of my girlfriends got a flat tire. I’m so thankful my Father made me learn to change a tire before letting me get my drivers license! Sometimes our parents really do know best. What i thought was a waste of time really turned out to be important. Thanks Dad!!

It’s Going Down

About to break it down and build it up! Let’s make some moves.

Love These Girls 

Halfway through a busy day, but we still managed to stop and get a group photo.


Flipping houses and running a business can be really challenging, but it helps if you have great company. Thanks, Casey!

“I Got This Boys”

“I Got This Boys.”

Hey Sasha, I found a good place for your daughter’s drawing. If you direct message me your mailing address I will send her a signed baseball cap. Girl Power!


There ain’t nothing wrong with being old.

From an early age, I have always liked old pickup trucks. They’re a good reminder that there is always lots of life in old things. What old things do you have hanging around that just keep on trucking?

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