Catrina Kidd

Builder, Texas Flip N Move

A successful entrepreneur and longtime do-it-yourselfer Catrina Kidd has a strong history of spectacular remodels. Catrina previously helped out as a contractor for the Snow Sisters and has now teamed up with Casey Hester, where her spunk complements his honest grit. When she’s not swinging a hammer, Catrina enjoys date nights with her husband and lake days with her children.

Latest News from Catrina Kidd

Finishing Touches

Putting the time in from beginning to end can be a long process. But it’s worth it if you want to get that shine!

The Sink

Sometimes you just need to put in a sink that will make a statement.


To beat the Texas heat you need the right insulation. But in the game of flipping n’ moving you gotta beat more than just the Texas heat, you gotta’ beat the budget too.


My advice to builders? Let the sparks fly.

Ya Herd?

DIY has always been a way of life. Catrina and her husband Mark have had a busy morning. They took a break from their many building projects to look after the herd. The results were a little bit of much needed T.L.C.
Love is in the air. Ya’ herd?

Design Tips

When it comes to design, it’s easy to know what you don’t like. But coming to realize what you do like is the key.

Sunday Afternoon

Now that’s a cozy bedroom! Wouldn’t it be perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap? Just don’t forget to set your alarm, or you might just sleep right through to Monday morning.

Load It Up

Boy, that was fun wasn’t it?

Spy Games


“They have no clue I have this.”

Yep! I was spying on Gary’s Girls. Trying to keep these sisters on track is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

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